Founders Philosophy

Welcome to MFMI

I have always wanted to do this but not without acquiring a level of maturity and experience to serve as the lubricant for effective transfer of experiences gained over a career spanning more than three decades. Consequently, I have a collection of works essentially narratives over a period of twenty years, coupled with my television newsreel works and documentaries. The appropriation of video technology or digital media made the ownership of means of production accessible to the masses, giving the African people voices and standpoints to tell stories about changes in their societies.

I am therefore armed with proof that it is possible to appropriate technology and use it not only to entertain but to interrogate or initiate dialogue with an immediate audience first and from there to a wider audience and use cinema or media as a tool for social change. Mainframe Film and Media Institute therefore is poised to impart artistic and technical education and practice to young ones and established industry professionals who need to update their skills from time to time.

Fortunately, I am not alone in this quest. In fact, I am further emboldened by the readiness of seasoned industry professionals and academics who have agreed to be resource experts and advisory board to the Institute.