Our Values



We aim to advance socio-economic and cultural development of Nigeria and Africa by providing young people and professionals with world-class film and media education to make viable and meaningful contents.


Mainframe Film and Media Institute is committed to contributing to national development by training outstanding filmmakers and media professionals, drawing from the extensive knowledge, skills and industry insights of leading practitioners home and abroad.

This year, we offer eight week-long courses on the fundamentals of filmmaking facilitated by renowned professionals. Our well-trained technical and administrative staff are on hand to provide production support to the good infrastructure and management.

Decades of excellence in film and media productions define the towering results we are renowned for, as global audiences have come to embrace us as the preferred choice  for entertainment, enlightenment and cultural awareness.  MAINFRAME defines itself in values, as well as an enduring legacy.

M –  Mastery

We strive to exert dominance in any undertaking, and truth is, we eventually do.  We devote more than the requisite effort for optimal performance and we always get more in performance and results.

A – Ability

We possess the talent and skill in our areas of focus. Our involvement in filmmaking and media practice have reflected our level of proficiency. We do stuffs amazingly well.

I – Innovation

How we do what we do is the quintessence of innovation. We are bent on finding new exciting ways to tell our stories, exploiting new technologies and exploring new ideas for our teeming viewing audience.

N – Nudge

Our intentions and actions do not only seek to enlighten, entertain and educate, we encourage, stimulate and prompt consumers of our products and services to action; to greatness.

F – Folk

Our works educate, celebrate and reveal the true nature of our connection to our roots, traditional art and culture. This is particular of the Yoruba race, the Nigerian nation and Africa as a whole.

R – Relevance

Our themes have always been applicable to critical social issues. Our span of influence covers areas such as health, relationships, family, politics, education.

A – Appropriateness

Suitability across different strata of niches be it age, gender, race, socioeconomic status and circumstances.

M – Manners

Advocating and inculcating polite social behaviour and other positive traits with respect at the centre of our viewers’ everyday dealings and relationships.

E – Excellence

We are committed to ensuring that any endeavour with our emblem embodies superiority, merit and outstanding quality. We have always delivered on this promise everytime.

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